Plans for the future of Cosmoteer

Greetings Cosmoteers!

I want to bring you up-to-speed on my plans for Cosmoteer from now until it launches on Steam Early Access. I wrote a long forum post detailing those plans which I encourage you to read, but here's the TL;DR version:

  • There won't be any major updates for a while because I'm focused on creating a new singleplayer campaign mode.
  • I have hired an artist (longtime Cosmoteer modder "Kroom") to improve Cosmoteer's graphics. Check out a sample of his new graphics below!
  • The recent 0.15.6 update will likely be the last major "free forever" update. Future major updates will require you to buy the game on Steam. (But any version you've already downloaded will keep working.)
  • There will probably be a free BETA before Cosmoteer launches on Steam Early Access. Keep an eye out for news about that, hopefully later this year!

In the meantime, I hope you will keep enjoying the free version of Cosmoteer!

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TBH not to be rude to the artist its nice texture but I do kinda like the simple skins it fits the game a little better ya-know

what about mac release


Given that Steam has, for more than 6 months now (starting with the new library update in October 2019) been known by Valve to be a health hazard for many users, I'm actively refusing to buy anything on Steam. There are a growing number of users affected by this or the other serious problems with the new library who are similarly unable to use the updated client, and are avoiding purchases from the platform. Even if the game is only available as Steam keys from other sites, that would open you up to more customers than otherwise.


Just to clarify: Steam keys are fine because I, like many others (not all for medical reasons, some because of system crashing and other performance issues) have reverted to an older version of the Steam library. This MIGHT still be a problem if you use up-to-date Steam API code, some things won't run on older versions of the client. So that's a potential concern if the game is exclusive to Steam.

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And correction of this point: Valve have recently, and seemingly deliberately, started locking out users who are being literally forced to run the older client for a variety of reasons. Steam keys are no longer a reliable method of getting access to any games.


When you release the game, could you release it on Itch too? I don't like using steam unless i have to and I absolutely love this game.

loved it as a free game but deff gonna set aside money for it when its a steam game. if im lucky i can get the free beta or be a beta tester or however you choose to go about that. ive always wanted more substance to the game like docking and hireing crews from that and like sectors you can fly to as well as mining and a money system. not sure if you plan on any of that but that be cool, you should also include classic mode or sandbox mode. for people that wanna go back to the bounty hunter basics. sure you have thought of all this but i got ideas maybe angles you aint seen yet.

deff features for a campain.

open world- not sure what your intent is for the story, but sometimes i might wanna go be a pirate bounty hunter, or a salesman buy my own station or be a hobo traveling between stars in a small ship.

goals - obviously there must be an end goal but it should be just outta reach so that its not easy to get to lotsa distractions are good for increasing play time so this kinda go's back to the open world idea..

trade- whats a space port without trade and commerce

factions- not every bad guy needs to be after the same thing

planets- its space there will be big rock bois out there...its just frustrating when they are a static image.

boarding parties?- not sure how this would work in a 2d world but every space game ive played leaves out the fact i can just get a huge crew and attack yo crew and jack yo ride also your station if you got it

bountys- sometimes ya mess up and you go from being the hunter to the hunted-basically if ya mess with a faction that faction can put a hit on ya. you can either pay your bounty or fight off the bounty hunters.

scavenging- ones mans trash is another mans treasure, this should also make modules more of a resource than something you can just spawn in and i never liked how the ships go for total annihilation cause thats just not realistic no body waists space junk. they collect space junk

even if the world is finite it be cool to be able to go to different sectors with different stuff to do other than bounty hunt. good luck on your journey ill be following and deff gonna buy when its on steam. remember peeps like me might have the rye expectations but this is your world and you are its god do what you gonna do i already like the game so as long as i can always play the old version ill be happy, im sure the campaign will be interesting regardless of what you do with it.