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there aint much more for me to do ive biult a 120X120 then a 1,000X1,000 ship and beat bounty hunter with a custom made ship... so I'm wondering how do you install the mods for this I've tried but only failed someone pls help.

Best to ask on the forum.

how do I get money?

You need to destroy enemy ships, theyre the red blips on your radar. it's all in the tutorial though, if you need to you can pause the game and look at them again

Mac please?!?!?!? I want to play this SO BAD!

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I want this game so bad, I literally got windows on my mac, and Cosmoteer was running, but is was SO laggy :( So I will sadly have to continue to wait

Were you using Boot Camp or something else? I actually develop Cosmoteer on a Mac using Boot Camp, and it runs great.

No, I used VirtualBox, I didn't really want to do boot camp, because it sounded a bit more extreme.... What kind of mac do you have? I have a 2014 macbook air, maybe you have an imac or something. Great to hear you're also a mac user! Also, I've been programming for about 8 months in javascript, java and now I'm starting game development in unity (C#) and I was wondering how long it took you to make Cosmoteer so far (It's such a high quality game), that also includes making then engine. (sorry if you already answered this on the FAQ).


Yeah, VirtualBox performance is really bad, I definitely don't recommend it. Boot Camp will be the best since it's not running on a VM, but even Parallels would probably be better than VirtualBox.

I use a 2015 Macbook Pro.

I've been working on it full-time for pretty close to 2 years now, and it existed as a side project for several years before that.

It`s a great game. Thank you very much Walt.

Wow, this game is really amazing, i really can't wait for more features. i can only imagine how awesome it'll be when it's finally fully released!

this game is amazing!


Can you please make a zip verison please its annoying with the setup

Cosmoteer can't run without a couple of other things that need to be installed alongside it by the setup program.


does it have to be setup or can you make a zip version?


Please make mac version!!!!!!!!


i wish this was on mac

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walt its a great game but before you release it on steam I think there should be a few more weapons maybe better graphics and lots of different ship types before it costs money to play I'm not trying to shit on it but just say its really early in development and don't want it to cost money too early in development

Deleted 5 years ago

wow overreacting much?


I don't mean to shit on it just saying I wouldn't pay for this without a couple new features

Man This Kind of Sucks. I Installed The New Update. (Cosmoteer 0.12.9) Then For some Reason I Cant Play The Game Anymore. I Tried To Uninstall It Then I Reinstall It. Still Wouldn't Work. Went To The Program Folders. Looking For The Cosmoteer Folder. Tried To Delete It But Wont Let Me. Like It Wont Delete The Old Cosmoteer.exe File. It Says That I Need Permission To Delete it.

I Love This Game. I Wanted To Do A Series For My Channel. Cant Really Do That Now. Hope You Can Help Me To Fix This Problem

If You Would Like To See My Channel Here It Is.

This is a common problem when updating the game via the in-game updater. I'm not sure what causes it yet. Please try these steps:

1. Restart your computer.

2. Uninstall Cosmoteer. (It will *not* erase your save files.)

3. Re-install Cosmoteer.

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ok ill will try to do that. I'll let you know if it works

Deleted 5 years ago

Thank You Walt Destler The Game Works For Me Now.

Now I Just Got To Remember That I Cant Install New Updates In The Game

Awesome game and hoping for a multiplayer in the finished game.Probably put like 9-10 hours into the game so far.

I decided to come back I thought the ship I was making was larger I can't wait to make a truly large ship. This game is fantastic and whenever I don't know what yo play this is what I go back to. 

You can make a 1000x1000 ship now too.Just go into mods and turn on the 1000x1000 build area.

I can't wait to give it a go thanks for letting me know!


have put ~15 hours into this game so far and am looking forwards to whatever comes next! i am left with one question though. is there a planner multiplayer? if so i am just that more exited for it. great game and keep up the good work. :)

This is Amazing i love it If this comes out on steam i will buy

i cant download it i dont know why if its my laptop or i dont what it  it just wont and it keeps saying this stupid framework please do something about this and add a tracktor beam so you can board ships and grab it if its trying to escape

This game is absolutely amazing! Big name games should really take notes from this. Its extremely easy to use and fun to play. The thing I would suggest changing is ship AI. Sometimes they try to move out of the way for another ship in the fleet, but end up making the situation worse. Other than that I have 0 qualms about this game! Also more guns would definitely be welcome. And if comes out on Steam, I will definitely buy it full price! 

EXCELLENT GAME! I would pay money for this. I played it for a good 9 hours and enjoyed the whole thing. If this had more weapons I could imagine playing this for very large amounts of time.


pls more ships

kann nicht rein

I really like Cosmoteer. :) Nice game and good work on the module system.

If I were you I would add trading and the option to board an enemy ship. (The crew could do combat inside the ship.)

I did try to develop something similar:

But the engine I was using was not that good (JGame) so I abandoned that project.

did you make the game

I made that game in the video "modular 2D sci-fi" yes. But if you are asking about Cosmoteer, then no I did not make that.

Go check out my video on this game!


how much will the finished product on steam?

My guess is between $10-$20, but not promises.


I have an idea for this game, Drones or unmanned ships.  Hear me out, the drones could only be small ships.  This means that there cannot be a death star sized drone. There would be 3 types of things that you could build, the 2 types already in the game and then drone.  Instead of a 100 x 100, it could be 25 x 25 or lower.  It would also cost way more per part. The thing that changes this is that you don't have to reload anything with power, missiles, or ammo. Though you have to make the ammo or missile factory to work. Fires fizzle out because there is no oxygen on the ship.  This is why I think drones should cost more money per part.

Yes adding fighters would be cool :)

I have been playing this game and having fun with the code and it has been more fun than any other game I have played.

I have seen the request for a docking bay and I support the idea. is a ship bay a possible request to. Enter in a ship blue print within a certain credit requirement and it builds the blueprint and launches it.

Great Game!


can you add a docking bay for larger ships being able to warp them in one package?

also is multiplayer planned in the future?

An absolutely brilliant game!

Mixing up FTL (A wonderful strategy game) into a building/real time battle simulation/physics  is quite amazing and underrated!

The ability to micromanage is so delightful, keep up with the great work!

I have really been enjoying this game and I decided to do another video, I tried to create the Death Star! Let me know what you think and keep up the great work dev. 

I wanted to download the game but it requires .netFramework 4.6.2 I can´t download it I don´t know why! Help pls

Holy fuck.

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hi i was wondering if there is ever going to be any healing guns for like bases and stuff, i love the game and i think this game could be good if you like added smoke coming from the thrusters when you drive, that would be cool!! i love the game a lot!!

look juuust a little like Life in bunker...

Walt could you add a one block  item in the crew tab for a single person as I have a lot of single block dead space 

PS love the game can't stop playing it and when his released fully will it be on steam and be free to play??

It will be on Steam, but it will *not* be free. :/

ok thanks walt

Hi Walt :). So far love this game and, only problem i found so far that sometimes ships starts to think that he should start using his back for front x( . Lost ship or 2 because of that but still was fun to watch when my ship started to ram others with engines at front guns at back :DDD

The reason it goes backwards is because it chooses the fastest direction to travel in so just remove boosters from the from or add in the back.

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