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i have come back to say: this is an epic game and i love playing it!

10/10 better than starfield

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the game is really good but it sad they are no linux version

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this looks fun

Will this be on mac?


And I'm (still) hoping you provide a way to play the updated game without locking it behind a platform that's been a known health hazard for 3 years... As long as it's only on Steam, I've got no reasonable way to buy it.


what the hell are you on


At the time I wrote that, The only thing it would be accurate to say I was on is a sofa. Right now, depending how you mean the question, a lot of caffeine and some painkillers, or the same sofa as the previous answer.

I just want to be able to buy and play a cool space game. When the only place it's available is a platform which has been confirmed to be triggering seiizures for some users and migraines for others as well as affecting several less severe conditions, and the company responsible for it has refused to fix the known issues for over 3 years, it's worth asking for the devs to release their game elsewhere in addition to the existing option. If I were to buy Cosmoteer on Steam, and attempt to install it, I'd be more likely to end up in hospital before I managed to click the "install" button, and that's not an appropriate level of abuse to give anyone money for, no matter how good the game is.

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oh. that's what you mean.  sorry i didn't know, i thought you were just hating the platform. maybe contact developers through the email and they'll provide you a copy or something?

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The answer from the dev is that "so far" Steam is the only platform the game is planned for release on, and as a solo dev it's understandable that expanding beyond that is potentially difficult and/or time consuming... but it's still something I'll be hoping for!


i think in this case piracy is an entirely ethical solution.

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that would probably be the store because a lot of trailers have flashing lights. I absolutely don't think that's steam's fault and if you have epilepsy the game would not be alright for you to play anyway. Absolutely not steam's problem, from one hypochondriac to another. And again, if you actually DO have epilepsy then the game would probably cause you seizures as in the late game there are a large count of lasers which tends to turn it into more of a rave laser show. Also, what reports? I can't find a single report even mentioning this. Computers causing migraines would likely be because of the continuous exposure. Migraines are not something you end up in the hospital for.


Nope, it's the client itself, and for many affected users, wasn't a problem until the update which caused the issue, and has been an issue ever since in spite of multiple users reporting various demonstrable issues causing it and several problems which don't match up with obvious causes but can be and have been medically verified to be linked to the update to Steam.

And seizures are a common symptom of epilepsy, but not the only one, with flashing lights being only one of several potential photosensitive triggers, there are plenty of people who are fine to play this and other games but not able to safely use Steam.

And just because you know someone whose migraines don't put them in hospital, doesn't mean that's consistently the case for everyone who experiences them. You should do some research before trying to pretend to know the science behind this. I'm not a hypochondriac, I've worked in medicine before, and I know what doctors have confirmed about my situation.


[citation needed]


good game but why is it for money on steam while its free on itch io (if u dont donate)


The Itch version is very old. The Steam version has been completely revamped with lots of new features and better graphics.


why not sell the revamped game here on itch? i for one would really rather not contribute to steam's monopoly.


steam has a bigger audience.


That doesn't negate the option of being available here TOO.


makes it more of a hassle to update and it puts more strain on the support team.

Am i the only one experiencing this bug where the game enters the loading screen but doesnt load and them crashes i tryed reinstaling but it didnt work is anyone else experiencing it or had expirinced it in the past if so how can i fix it. PLs i realy whant to play again the game.

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i love how you can just build as big as you want if your computer can take it

can you make a mac version


you'll probably have to see about the modern version of cosmoteer

Is there a zip file?

If your having issues downloading because its too large you can use a download manager

it's a good game I like it a lot only I would like the idea of being able to create small combat ships inside a large ship and that they could go back to the same ship or put some special block to dock the ships and not repair the large ship over and over again so that the small ships fighters I do appear again and leave the other small combat ships flying through space without ammunition or without energy I just hope they come up with the idea or do something similar.

Fightercraft and bays are planned and on the Trello

Theres mods and little bombs that you can blow up to detach portions (or here, fighters) from the ship


Hi, are you able to get the weapons on top of the ship? is it in that place where the color of the ship changes or places things?,

also the possibility of creating spatial bases like those of the film, where there is a port of ships, where large ships or combat spaceship,that would have turrets where we put on top of the base where it would give us the possibility to shoot in any direction,

Also the possibility of creating small combat spaceships, where 3 or 2,1 would fit these ships would return to installation or to mother ship, when they had no ammunition or damaged, and if the ship is severely damaged, the ship would lose strength and would be attracted by the planet's gravitational pull

the planets would also be able to create facilities or cities, so it would be possible for the player to create an empire or a company,
of course this is just an idea, sorry for that bad idea

A roof-mounted weapon is under consideration. 

Fightercraft and bays are planned and on the Trello. Interaction with planets is not planned. Interaction is planned to take place on space-stations. 

1: this exists in the modern version on steam.
2: these are planned and exist already somewhat exist as mods.


can i haz a pre install .zip please?

This game is super old

BUT kinda like spore it's still good


this game is like 5 years old


yes but fun as ever i say

i agree

Please please please port this to mac :D This seems such a good game, it would be a shame to only have half the audience enjoy this!


You can try playing it with WINE in the meantime


non-setup version if u can

ayy someone pls try to build this for mac using like wineskin or somthing

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I've been playing this for hours, this is the kind of space ship game I've been waiting for. This game is seriously awesome, I can't wait for the Steam release! Wonderful job so far.


wtf is this covid 19 crap and how do i disable this stupidity


Downloaded this on a day I was sick. Had  a lot of fun building and destroying ships as I lost track of time. Though, I dare say it's surprising how few ships have a good design and also have FTL capability. I found myself adjusting the design just slightly.

I also wish there was a place where I could submit my ships in the game itself.

All in all, though, watching six ships jump on a smaller one and smashing it to pieces is a lot of fun to watch.

For some reason it will not install. On the app I press "download" then its stuck on the "computing space required" screen indefinitly. When I try to install anyother game it works. How do I fix this? 

The download worked on your site out of the app. 


i like this game because i like fisical


do you think you can make a version for mac?

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What? This makes no sense to me. Cosmoteer does not "install" .NET Core, it's built in to the game files themselves.  Installing .NET Core beforehand will not do anything, there will still be another copy built into the game that Cosmoteer actually uses.

I discovered what the cause is. When I installed the new version, I used the server which I had not used previously. Because parts were tied to onedrive, an annoying issue, system included the game drive as well in system backup. Easy yet annoyingly fixable.

That being said, I can't honestly review this title at this time. I and my peers follow a ruleset, and can't honestly recommend a title, as great as it is, if a company has a ruleset where users must follow, yet comoany staff feels their above the rules.

When staff ping a user or reporter like myself, if we have time, well respond where it originated from. When a mod can warn or even ban a user for responding to the owners ping in the first place, there is something seriously wrong with that system. 

When I recommend titles for others, it's because not only is that title good, but also the team works well together and respects their superiors decisiins. I can't honestly support a product, where the owner messages a user in a channel, and then gets chastised for it by mods who seem to have their own rulesets. Had this been on Steam, just for what took place would have given the title a negative review. 

I been in this industry since the 80s before Steam, GOG, were even a thought. I try to help sometimes as well, especially when I see someone new about to repeat the same thing like what has just seriously hurt Chucklefish. Been a reporter for years, moderator as well, and shockingly first tine I can say got into an argument with one, when it was again staff pinging me over there in the first place. Game is great, staff needs a little work.

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Thanks for the feedback. Upon reviewing the chat logs (including deleted posts), I believe that my staff were correct in warning you because you continued to post in #ask-walt even after I asked you to move to #general. If you didn't see my request amidst all the chaos, that's completely understandable, but my staff's warning was still correctly issued. (And after all, a warning is no big deal and has no real consequences. I don't believe anyone has ever been banned from the server for violating an #ask-walt rule.) The fault is mine for creating unnecessary confusion by holding a conversation in #ask-walt against my own rules. I apologize for that.

Do you have an email I can respond to? I definately don't want to continue/ respond here, it just looks bad and unprofessional, worse than on Discord. From what I just read, Has me concerned, not to mention I actually tried pming you before all this took place and unable to. 

My contact info is here: But I can't promise I will have time to respond or converse about it. I do, after all, have a game to make. :)

I would really love some machine learning algorithm with reinforcement on that kind of game :) :) :)

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If only.

Truly, a very playable game. Thank you.

I think an amazing update would be a drone/fighter bay that takes energy and ammo.


It would really be great if there was a mac version download. I have seen this game on YouTube and it seems really awesome and fun.

Yes its very fun

One thing i could suggest is larger thrusters for larger ships, but other than that I really like this game

Why would you need them when you have an indefinite thruster limit?

Because a big thruster on your ship would look cooler than many small thrusters everywhere.

Though I think what we need is not a bigger thruster, it is a modular thruster that can be expanded, and can be as large as you want, if you can support its energy requirements.

One of the best game i've played on itch so far. I played it for about 3-4 hrs and it was pretty addicting simulation, it's a "give it a try" for sure. 

Hope there's further updates to it.

Super awesome game! I only wish there was a story or something, some reason why I'm jumping around blowing up all these ships.

Sound design is great! I love that as you zoom away or closer the sound either fades away or gets more intense! Aweome job there!

The love the style of everything, and ship designing is very well done! I really like that there are overlays for objects like thrusters and shields showing if its possible to place another part near it!

Can't wait to watch this game improve in further updates and see where it goes! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Deleted 2 years ago

What a game, I am so happy to have stumbled across it! Definitely went straight on my wish list! Also, I did end up making a video about it, if anyone wants to catch some of the game action before committing to it!


Totally addicting. I immediately stopped playing my other games. 

i keep getting network errors when i try to dounload it

but i can dounload other games fine


What's the error?


This is wonderful and all I can do is curse the time I will inevitably lose to this excellent game, thank you for making this!


The itch app will not install Cosmoteer, it only downloads the setup.

My best guess is it's getting blocked by an anti virus.


You use the setup to download it... double click the setup and download.. its very simple

Yes, but then the game can not be launched from within the itch app making it useless.

I can't download this via

Can you elaborate? What happens when you try to download it? And are you download via the browser or the app?

I'm trying to download it via the app.  It constantly cycles through the "Computing space requirements" message and won't allow me to click the Install button. 

Don't know it's an issue on my end but I have enough space to download, and most install for other games go fine.

Very strange, I'm not sure what's happening since it seems to be working fine for me. You can try downloading and installing manually without using the itch app from If that works for you, then that would indicate it's specifically a problem with the itch app that I can't do anything about, and Itch support might be able to help.

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